College Coupons ™

College Coupons™ is a valuable advertising vehicle for local, regional, and national businesses to engage the campus community. We meet students, listen to what they want and implement accordingly. Effective marketing solutions for maximum brand exposure and engagement.

Our Vision

College Coupons™ serves as the community matchmaker, introducing great local businesses to the college community. We make the introduction of businesses simple and easy along with great savings.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver positive changes for the people we conduct business with including: our students, advertisers/business owners, business partners, delivery contractors, volunteers, & vendors.
We are advertising specialists that work hard to bring your business the success it deserves. Our advertising reaches your customer directly and is not just thrown away with all the other junk mail received each day. The best part is we reach them for only a fraction of the cost of direct mail, newspaper or any other form of traditional media.

    Our Core Values:

  • Results - Providing our customers with a successful advertising campaign; A campaign in which they see abundant results effortlessly and easily.
  • Integrity- Always conduct every aspect of our business with honesty and integrity.
  • Generosity- Seek to be a company that gives back to the community.
  • Gratitude- We strive to display a gracious, thoughtful attitude to everyone we encounter through our business.
  • Volunteerism We want to promote an environment of teamwork to accomplish more than we can on our own.


Our website and app creates a platform where your customers can organize and print coupons. With easy to use features that keeps them coming back. Our tools cut out the garbage and give them the power to get their own coupons within a few clicks of the mouse or mobile app. Your potential customers know where to come and find discounts when they are ready to shop. We don’t just drop off boxes of your coupons, our ambassadors hand them out to students throughout campus. Attract and retain customers with us!